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Sunday, September 29, 2013

Southern Israel hit by rocket from Gaza

Islam Times-Soldiers in a statement on Thursday, 09/19/13, said security forces found the remains of rockets fired from Gaza region on Wednesday, 9/18/13.

The Israeli army said a rocket fired from the Gaza Strip hit southern Israel without reports of casualties or damage so far.

Iran's president said about problem telephone with obama

TEMPO.CO , Tehran - Iranian President Hassan Rouhani return home from New York , USA , to attend the General Assembly of the United Nations . He preached a phone call with U.S. President Barack Obama .
Diplomatic relations between Tehran and Washington severed from radical students seized the U.S. embassy postrevolutionary 1979.

President iran, Rouhani brought home ancient artifacts from America

President Iranian Hassan Rouhani yesterday took home an ancient Persian artifacts 2,700 years old from the United States government , as a special gift to the citizens of Iran .
"The U.S. contacted us on Thursday and said they had a gift for us , " said Rouhani told

President of Iran thrown a shoe because telephone with obama

TRIBUNNEWS.COM , TEHRAN - Iranians apparently did not appreciate the historic talks between Iranian President Hassan Rohani and U.S. President Barack Obama , for 15 minutes over the phone line .
In fact , a number of Iranian media praised the first direct contact leaders of Iran and the United States for three decades as the end of a taboo .

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