Sunday, April 22, 2012

Measuring Military Power of Israel (1): Tank Merkava

Israel, a small country with the most advanced weaponry in the world.As an aggressor nation that has annexed the territory of Palestine, Israel would not want to defend himself.

Media Israel: Hezbollah's in the World Military Strength Rating Nine

REPUBLIKA.CO.ID, Israel Today newspaper quoted Yaiir excellence, military commander of northern Israel who say that Hezbollah is ranked the world's ninth military forces and said, "Lebanon's Hezbollah Secretary General, Sayyid Hasan Nasrallah, is one of the main target of Israel in the

Add Israel Military Force in the Border of Egypt, There's what?

REPUBLIKA.CO.ID, Military Zionist regime of Israel increasingly strengthened on the Egyptian border in recent days. The majority of these Israeli soldiers on the border with military vehicles equipped with surveillance equipment.


peta kekuatan militer israel vs iran
The growing rumors of war between Iran VS Israel, let us compare the military forces of both countries with the objective of referring to several sources involved.
 Personal:Total Active troops: 545 000 (currently estimated to reach 650 000)Reserve (Reserve): 350,000

ISRAEL MILITARY POWER PEEK (3) [TEL Alvi] - In preaching, Al-Jazeera had carried a story that says that the Zionist Jewish Israeli military forces using White Phosphorus weapons aka WP (white phosphorus). These weapons include the controversial weapons. Because if the weapon is used against humans, then killing her terrible power. This weapon is in the form of white smoke that falls from the sky like fireworks. Anyone who is diligently for two weeks following the preaching of the War on Gaza

Friday, April 20, 2012

Iranian Military Power Exhibition

[Tehran] Iran's armed forces on Monday (2/1),claiming the missile successfully

United States military forces

which has been published ein Nachruf Piper Verlag GmbH, Munich in 2003, Emmanuel Todd writes that Americans are not a superpower, both in economic and military .. About the It is not unusual people consider America a superpower, at least the military superpower. However, Emmanuel Todd, an expert on French science beg to differ. His book. Apres l'empire entitled. Essays sur la decomposition du systeme Americain (Editions Gallimard, Paris 2002) has been translated into various languages. In the German version, which is Weltmacht USA,

The American military superiority Start overtaken by China

Well, until today. Planet Earth's most powerful military still held by the United States. since the collapse of Unisoviet practically no country is able to offset U.S. military, the Russian Federation as the largest fraction Soviet Union have not been able to restore power as the Soviet Union. Russia is still struggling with some persoal Regional Geopolitics. The only country that is forecast to offset American superiority is China, while India is also indicated to begin to pursue the same position but who has the most rapid progress is China.

The military strength of Iran On Air America and Israel Ready to Prevent

The news agency Non-Aligned Movement (NAM) today (1/10) lowers the offending statements are equipped with air defense missile system Mersad stated that the completion of the air defense system with sophisticated missile production in the country, strengthen the defensive power of Iran
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