Friday, April 20, 2012

The American military superiority Start overtaken by China

Well, until today. Planet Earth's most powerful military still held by the United States. since the collapse of Unisoviet practically no country is able to offset U.S. military, the Russian Federation as the largest fraction Soviet Union have not been able to restore power as the Soviet Union. Russia is still struggling with some persoal Regional Geopolitics. The only country that is forecast to offset American superiority is China, while India is also indicated to begin to pursue the same position but who has the most rapid progress is China.

Slowly but surely progress China makes U.S. Military Mupeng, china outstanding projects in recent years was surprising, sie lang carrier has begun to operate as a model training and a stepping stone to build a future carrier, development of a stealth fighter that Chengdu J20 Pentagon predicted the operation would be effective in the year 2018, anti-ship ballistic missile carriers, and the doctrine of "space dominance" China will make China a super power that has the capability of modern combat and the number of military personnel the world's largest army of 2.3 million.Of sophisticated weaponry sekiat China, which is of great concern today is the U.S. anti-ballistic missile Dong Feng DF carrier-21D are close to full operational readiness, missile is capable of lowering the American superiority in the Pacific fleet and should make the mother ship away from the range of this missile . Ambition and purpose of the drastic development of China's military is still unclear, it is possible to prepare to unify the mainland and Taiwan to the Mainland as a means of economic advancement menejaga.The success of anti-satellite missiles and sending humans into space is also an initial round of China entered the war the technology space, China also plans to build its own space station and future taikonautnya immediately sent to the Moon. And how to position our country, the Republic of Indonesia beloved. while still wait and see. still have to meet as soon as possible to the MEF level. by ane, personal power the world's most powerful army is our army, are not intended arrogant but keliatannya is the way it is. Which nation could successfully conquer the archipelago? Mongol mengusai the world that can be made to return home, the Portuguese could only nyemplak in East Timor, United dimalaysia, Netherlands? klo klo not guaranteed because of the strategy will not win the muscle contest, Japan? klo not because the strategy will also not be able to master the archipelago. Still there to be proud of this country.Back to the China problem, In addition to strengthening China Military power is also spreading its influence every aspect Around the World, especially Africa. See the West could only koar-koar international diforum without any concrete action for Africa, but China managed to embrace the African countries as well. digelontorkannya infrastruk millions of dollars for development, economic and food to African countries. Libya oils has also been addressed by the china before thwarted by civil war. Mindset threat from the North to the defense of Australia also has a little shift, which was 'the threat from the north' that Indonesia is now also pay attention to China as a 'threat from the North'.Fore, although both the United States and China have a tremendous military power, the open war between the two countries is difficult. America and China need each other, like Jerry Tom ama, hostile but need each other. jerry not exist, there will not story donk and vice versa. China needs U.S. technology and markets, the U.S. needs funds and the market of China. amid the economic downturn and American influence, although China and the U.S. military budget is still very far adrift, not necessarily in the future there is a big obstacle klo China will soon be aligned with the United States.


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