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ISRAEL MILITARY POWER PEEK (3) [TEL Alvi] - In preaching, Al-Jazeera had carried a story that says that the Zionist Jewish Israeli military forces using White Phosphorus weapons aka WP (white phosphorus). These weapons include the controversial weapons. Because if the weapon is used against humans, then killing her terrible power. This weapon is in the form of white smoke that falls from the sky like fireworks. Anyone who is diligently for two weeks following the preaching of the War on Gaza
through the glass screen would often see him every time there is an Israeli air strike on Gaza.
This weapon was used in Falluja by the U.S. military when it invaded Iraq. Now Israel's military used it in Gaza. This weapon is used to mark military targets which would then be bombed by air raids. Besides these weapons also to close and prevent the movement of enemy troops WP white smoke because it would disrupt the view of the enemy forces. However, further effects caused by the WP is its ability to burn a human body cause chemical burns from the skin, flesh to the bones of victims. This is probably why the doctor on duty in Gaza reported that some victims who were found to have severe burns that they had never made before.
In preaching Al-Jazeera reported as follows:
Human Rights Watch has called for Israel to stop using white phosphorus, which, according to HRW has been used in Israeli military operations in densely populated areas of the Gaza Strip. In the U.S.-based institution said that its researchers observed the use of chemical weapons, which can burn human flesh to the bone, especially in Gaza City and Jabalya on Friday and Saturday.
"We were passing near the Israeli artillery unit attached to it a series of white phosphorus that is attached to the axis," said Marc Garlasco, senior military analyst at Human Rights Watch, told Al Jazeera. "Clearly it is [white phosphorus], we can proclaim from the explosion and the tendrils that go down and form a fire that burns," he said. "Today there is a massive offensive in Jabalya when we were there. We see that there are a lot of white phosphorus fires so falling "Human Rights Watch believes that the use of chemical weapons in Gaza violated the terms under international humanitarian law because it does not meet all precautions to avoid civilian casualties jatuhya.
Palestinian or Arab Israel conflict, Israel is often connoted as a battle between Muslims and Jews. But, really understand the connotation is quite complicated because now the estimated hundreds of thousands of young Muslim men recorded a member of the Israeli military. They fought on many fronts against the Arabs, like the front Lebanon and the Gaza Strip.
Fallah Fahad is a Muslim officer rank of captain in the Israeli military institutions. Fallah from Israel Bedouins said they were proud to be members of the military corps and ready to fight in any game against the enemies of Israel. He also admitted to engage in battle in the war and the Gaza Strip (December 27, 2008 until January 18, 2009).
Fallah said, a member of Israel's military is a family legacy. "My grandfather and my father became a member of the Israeli military," said Fallah. Many Bedouin Arabs who are Muslims are proud to have loyalty to the state of Israel, where they were born. And the history of the Bedouin-Jewish cooperation has actually taken place before the establishment of Israel in 1948.
Head of Al Hib tribes of Bedouins, Abu Yousuf, even sending 60 members of the Jewish tribes to help fight against the Arabs in the year 1946-1947. Al Hib tribes living in the valleys Galilie (now northern Israel region bordering Lebanon and Syria). In Israel there is also a special monument to the heroes of Israel from bedouin Muslim soldiers who died in various wars against the Arab arena. Apart from the Bedouin, Druze Muslim tribes are known to be a member of the Israeli military.
The Israeli military refused to disclose how much actual number of Israeli troops from Muslim circles. However, it is estimated in the hundreds and even thousands. Israeli law does not require Muslims and other minorities participate conscription program in the country. What are the motivations of Muslims in Israel joined the country's military? Person in charge of minority affairs at the Israeli military institution, Colonel Ahmed Romzi, say, the first obligation of citizens of Israel in defense of his homeland, whatever their religion, is serving in the military.
He also emphasized that the minorities in Israel are now also beginning to realize that in order to achieve equal rights with Jews, in the context of the state of Israel, shall perform all obligations of the country, including members of the military.
According Romzi, many young Muslims who joined the Israeli army to get funding for their schools at the university in order to more easily get a job. Israel's Defense Ministry gives financial assistance facility for soldiers who wish to study at university. Jews are also many companies require for job applicants must have proof of a military member. Romzi revealed, Israeli Muslims who joined the military after the war in the Gaza Strip increased even though the war was received loud condemnation of all Muslims around the world. "Hundreds of Muslims in Israel to register as a member of the country's military per year. Perhaps the number of Muslims who are members of the Israeli military in the thousands, "said Romzi.
Last March (post-war Gaza Strip), according to Romzi, Israel Ministry of Defense job openings and spread it more and more Muslims are registering Israel. "This proves the Gaza war has no effect at all," he continued.


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