Sunday, April 22, 2012

Measuring Military Power of Israel (1): Tank Merkava

Israel, a small country with the most advanced weaponry in the world.As an aggressor nation that has annexed the territory of Palestine, Israel would not want to defend himself.

With its advanced weaponry it adds to the confidence of his soldiers to defend the state of Israel from the attacks of his enemies.Year after year the geniuses in the field of military defense technology has created a cutting edge, continuously expanding to its maximum limit, it's all for one purpose, namely the survival of Israel.I think, how Indonesia is rich with natural resources but poor technology will be extremely vulnerable to outside attack.I love my family. I sometimes think the extreme case of our country was attacked suddenly by another state with a complete and advanced weaponry, whether we could hold gempurannya army, then confronting and menghalaunya out of our beloved country? What about the fate of our families? Are we capable of soldiers with weapons 'perfunctory' able to drive away the people from the motherland Indonesia aggressor aircraft when we have only a few squadrons of course, only a few ships of war and the lack of technology, is capable of?I'm not demeaning at all military capabilities, I believe the military's commitment to the Republic of Indonesia that the Homeland is set in stone, but this is a reflection of my inner fantasy extreme if it really happened. Our country is so beautiful and rich, who would not want to master it. Many States tacitly or overtly "steal" our natural wealth. For whom? For maximum benefit of their country and to the "land sellers" who had betrayed the trust of its people.Indonesia is a big country, we should be at the forefront. Can not! All elements of the nation should be empowered, especially the military, because they are in the forefront of national defense from outside attack. So I think what military force can be empowered as much as possible, not only in terms of human resources, but the means and tools are also supporters.Times have changed, he who controls the information will always be the first. He who controls the technology will rule the world.I, as a nation's children are concerned and also called upon to do something for the glory of this country. Country that says a country Kompasiana is the son of a bitch, I do not deny it. So I want to turn it into a million domestic genius, a just, prosperous and powerful people's armed forces.But how?Let us cooling down for a moment and look at what Israel has done for his own country then we discuss how new it.The following is a little picture of Israel's military strength. Because the topic is a topic I discussed this defense then I will discuss only about the military, I would not be widened everywhere, insyalah. I hope you are willing to contemplate, because if I just want to be a thoughtful and caring, what's my writing.Let's look at what their greatness. These include the following:A. Merkava TankTank is one of the most important weapons for Israel.For 6 days in the war against the Arab countries, the tanks are something special, because thanks to the support they can win the battle of Israel.

This is the Merkava Mark-4, Israel created the most advanced tanks. Equipped with Apam-​​T missiles that can penetrate concrete 8 inches thick. Just info, on average, using this type of concrete bunkers, can be imagined when he meets with Israeli tanks, Merkava?

See the picture was destroyed by a concrete wall Apam-​​T missile launched from the Merkava tank.

Merkava's name is taken from an existing name in the bibble (Bible).

Merkava Mark-4 has a major physical and width. With a weight of 65 tons and maximum speed of 35 miles / hour, the tank is moving with a smooth surface in various soil, either sandy or rocky.

See the picture below.

"This is the best tank. If I go to war there, I would like to have the Merkava 4 ... ", so the narrative of one of Israel's military personnel.

Merkava tanks are designed specifically for the army of Israel, from Israel to Israel. Almost his entire body is resistant to rocket attacks and mines.

Merkava is also equipped with missile-detection sensor. Merkava tank is one of the safest and most dynamic in the world.

The narrative of one of Israel's military personnel who drive a tank during the war with Lebanon confirms this. He said when two missiles from hitting the opponent tank Merkava, he once felt protected, Merkava has been saved, he said.

Merkava 4 is equipped with 4 external cameras are useful both day and night, night dikegelapan any means they are still free to look like in the daytime only.

See below.

Conditions inside the Merkava quite spacious and comfortable, unlike the other tanks in general. There are at least 4 spaces on the Merkava that can be used each personnel like their personal space, as they call it. This means that they do not like fish sauce piled on one another that the narrow room, because the Merkava-4 there is more than one room.
Merkava-4 provides the latest advanced technology, allowing for mutual coordination between the military element of digitally, for example from the tank to the command center, from tanks to fighter aircraft, to ships of war, and others. The secret of success of the Merkava 4 is mutually terkoneksinya each other, both digital devices and between command and troops on the ground.

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