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United States military forces

which has been published ein Nachruf Piper Verlag GmbH, Munich in 2003, Emmanuel Todd writes that Americans are not a superpower, both in economic and military .. About the It is not unusual people consider America a superpower, at least the military superpower. However, Emmanuel Todd, an expert on French science beg to differ. His book. Apres l'empire entitled. Essays sur la decomposition du systeme Americain (Editions Gallimard, Paris 2002) has been translated into various languages. In the German version, which is Weltmacht USA,
economy delivered enough here that Todd assess the magnitude of U.S. dependence to other nations in various aspects of the economy as an indication that America is not an economic superpower that outperform the world economy.Todd to discuss the view that Americans are not a military superpower, we need to examine the points of argument Todd. He said that Americans have a structural weakness in the military. Americans historically have never collided with an enemy force equal strength. Starting with the asimmetris war with Indian tribes. Also in World War II the United States dealing with the Germans who lived collapsed because of a heavy blow by the Soviet Army. After landing in Normandie American military operation that is not balanced by its superiority in the amount of material and human. Todd expressed the opinion Liddell Hart, an expert on strategy and military history of Britain, who said how slow and bureaucratic way of movement of U.S. troops on the ground. American superiority in the sea and the air is very large as a result of its industrial strength. After winning the naval battle of Midway, the United States opposed Japan's war-like battle with the Indians. Material and logistical advantages too big U.S. and Japan are not able to compensate. However, another case of operations on land. After World War II it became clear that American ground forces are less able to win the war. Only half successful in Korea, while in Vietnam failed altogether. Though the U.S. is facing a small country and its industrial capacity is much lower.In recent years the U.S. has developed the concept of a war with no or minimal casualties resulting in death for Americans. Way of thinking implies that the ability of ground operations increasingly less reliable. For in ground operations is difficult to avoid a direct encounter with enemy forces. The concept is based on U.S. technological superiority is going to be utilized to the maximum extent possible. Concept. priority air attacks aimed at destroying enemy resistance through aerial bombings and hit with missiles. Tech precision guided munition (PGM) allows the firing of missiles with precise perkenaan at large distances. In addition developed smart bombs or bomb perkenaannya right. While the targets used for the determination of remote sensing or thorough review of the entire region by utilizing air satellite. Equipped with the action of human intelligence equipped for instant communication to allow the report and immediately followed by air strikes. In this way it is estimated that the enemy can be destroyed in no time by air attacks without the use of ground forces. Having destroyed the enemy ground troops move into new areas to consolidate the victory of the enemy .. This way is expected to result in minimal casualties on American troops .. However, this concept will be difficult to be implemented if the enemy has an effective air defense capability, says Todd. Therefore, the U.S. would only fight if the other party faced a weak and limited military power, especially air defense.To demonstrate to the outside world that the U.S. is still strong and the power of the placement of U.S. forces held large amounts abroad, among others, in Germany 60 053, 41 257 Japan, South Korea 35 663, Italy 11 677, 11 379 Great Britain, in Spain 3575. In addition there are 13 774 in the Balkans and the Middle East in 9956 people. But the U.S. military to conduct operations do not have concrete skills that correspond to its potential. Indeed, the U.S. carriers (aircraft carrier) are able to move freely in the oceans of the world. This is a projection of power is important for political supremacy. However, because of lack of readiness of U.S. ground forces to operate, then the U.S. is less able to hold a military confrontation against an opponent who is quite a large military force. and only act against another party who is believed to be weak. .Tough U.S. stance against Islam by Todd described as follows:the ideological conflict after the defeat of communism;to control Middle East oil is predominantly inhabited by Muslims;however, mainly because the Islamic world militarily weak;and as a demonstration of the power of the U.S. strategy is inexpensive and relatively safe.Thus the points of argument that the U.S. is not Todd military superpower.It is true that after World War II was always a small country that has not been developed or are the target of the U.S. war. Never directly with the Soviet Union. Start with North Korea, then Vietnam is all about concrete results. Then the attack on Panama to arrest its president. Gulf War is only limited to the liberation of Kuwait and did not proceed to conquer Iraq. Campaign in Afghanistan according to a new concept as opposed to no air defense capability. The new U.S. ground forces moved after Afghan forces against the Taliban, the Northern Alliance forces, moved into first. Yet the U.S. has so far not managed to liquidate Osama bin Laden and Al Qaeda, but it is the purpose of the campaign in Afghanistan. The attack on Iraq only after Iraq's semi disarm ourselves, that is to obey the will of the UN to destroy all the big guns. Even though Iraq appears to be defeated by the new concept of war, but until now the U.S. has not been able to control the country. U.S. overwhelmed the Iraqi guerrilla attacks, so enlist the help of armies of other countries. U.S. Army commander in Iraq acknowledged that the daily average of 15 times the interference or attacks from the Iraqi side that endanger members.Kekurangmampuan U.S. is facing a rather strong military state appears in today's issue of North Korea. The U.S. invaded Iraq on the grounds that the state concealed weapons mass destruction, but the allegations until now could not be verified. Instead North Korea openly says that he has nuclear weapons .. If the U.S. really consistent attitude he must also attack North Korea in the first place he called Axis of Evil along with Iraq and Iran. However, North Korea can not be considered to be militarily weak. North Korea will not dismantle its nuclear weapons before the U.S. said it would not attack him. He threatened that if the United States to attack, North Korea will hold a retaliation in kind. U.S. forces in South Korea and Japan could be targeted for attack North Korea back. North Korea's attitude may be a kind of bluff, but in fact the U.S. did not attack him until now. In stark contrast to the U.S. stance on Iraq.That description is not as much as Americans or as strong as we think. Emmanuel Todd's assessment seems true that the U.S. is not a military superpower. But because the U.S. stance that hegemonistik, then the strength to become a threat to countries that lack strong military. This encourages small states to arm themselves for not considered weak, even with nuclear weapons if necessary. That is now done to prevent attacks Iran ASKekuatan Indonesia is one of the main army of the largest and strongest in the world. At that time, even the Dutch forces are not comparable with Indonesia, and America is very concerned with the development of our military forces are heavily supported by the latest technology of the Soviet Union.1960, the Dutch are still entrenched in Papua. See the power of the Republic of Indonesia is more powerful, Western-backed Dutch design tricks to create a puppet state that seemed to be independent, but still under Dutch control.President Sukarno immediately take extreme measures, goals, reclaim Papua. Sukarno immediately issuing edicts, "Trikora" in Yogyakarta, and the contents are:A. Abort the establishment of a puppet state of Papua made the Dutch colonial.2. The Red and White Kibarkan Saka throughout the West Irian3. Be prepared for a general mobilization, to maintain independence and unity of the nation's homeland.Thanks to the proximity of Indonesia to the Soviets, then Indonesia is getting massive aid and naval strength in the world's most advanced military air by a giant value, U.S. $ 2.5 billion. Currently, the Indonesian military forces to be the strongest in the entire southern hemisphere.The main strength of Indonesia at the time it was one of the main Trikora largest and fastest warships in the artificial world of the Soviet Sverdlov class, with 12-caliber 6-inch giant cannon. This is a KRI Irian, a giant weighing 16 640 tons with a crew of 1270 people, including 60 officers. Soviet, never even gave this strong ship in any other nation, except Indonesia. (Newest ships of the class Sigma Indonesia now only weighs 1600 tons).Indonesia's air force also been one of the deadliest air fleet in the world, which consists of more than 100 advanced aircraft at the time. This fleet consists of:A. 20 supersonic fighter MiG-21 Fishbed.2. 30 MiG-15 aircraft.3. 49 high-subsonic fighter aircraft MiG-17.4. 10 MiG-19 supersonic aircraft.MiG-21 Fishbed is one of the main world's most advanced supersonic aircraft, which was capable of flying at speeds up to Mach 2. The aircraft is even more powerful than the most sophisticated American aircraft at the time, supersonic F-104 aircraft Starfighter and F-5 Tiger. While the Dutch are still relying on the planes from World War II such as the P-51 Mustang.For the record, awesomeness planes MiG-21 and MiG-17 in the Vietnam War to encourage Americans founded the United States Navy Strike Fighter Tactics Instructor, pilot training center best known as TOP GUN.Indonesia also has a fleet of 26 long-distance bomber strategic Tupolev Tu-16 (Badger A and B). This makes Indonesia been one of only four nations of the world that have strategic bombers, the United States, Russia, and England. Base located at Iswahyudi Air Field, Surabaya.Even China and Australia also have not had this kind of strategic bombers. The bomber also features a variety of advanced electronic equipment and special anti-ship missiles AS-1 Kennel war, that the explosion could easily sink the ships of Western combat.Indonesia also has 12 Whiskey-class submarines, dozens of Corvette-class battleships, nine of the world's largest helicopter MI-6, 41 MI-4 helicopters, transport planes, including a variety of heavy transport plane Antonov An-12B. In total, Indonesia has 104 combat ships. Not to mention the thousands of the best assault rifle then and still legendary today, AK-47.This all makes Indonesia becomes salasahtu sea and air military power the world's strongest. The effect is so intense, so the United States under the leadership of John F. Kennedy forced the Dutch to get out of Papua, and the states in the UN forum that the transition of power in Papua, from the Netherlands to Indonesia is something that can be accepted

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