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AK-47 (Avtomat Kalashnikova 1947 stands,) is an assault rifle designed by Mikhail Kalashnikov, produced by Russian arms makers IZhMASh, and is used by many Eastern bloc nations during the Cold War. This rifle was adopted and used as the standard rifle of the Soviet Union in 1947. When compared with the rifle


M4A1 with ACOG shooting and vertical front grip.

Still the mainstay weapon the United States are now widely used non-infantry troops (such as vehicle drivers, aides, and staff officers) it


From top to bottom: M16A1, M16A2, M4, and M16A4.

M16 is a lightweight assault rifle, caliber 5.56 mm, water-cooled, gas operated system, use magazen, and use a rotating bolt. M16 is made of iron, aluminum and plastic composite.

There are four main versions of the M16. The first one is M16, followed by the M16A1, which uses U.S. M193/M196 bullet. M16 can be fired on the choice of semi-automatic or full-automatic. The second is the M16A2, which came into use around 1980. M855/M856 M16A2 uses

Taepodong missile, north korea weapon

 It turns out quietly North Kore to save power so terrible not to mention the far-range missile with a nuclear test, which is still a secret if it has experienced tremendous progress .. really looks terrible Korean peninsula if the conflict continues. One of

Tank Leclerc

Tank types produced GIAT Industries Leclerc in France. First prototype was made in 1989. Apart from France, Saudi Arabia also has hundreds of these tanks.

     The maximum speed of 72 km / h.
     Leclerc tanks use the turbo diesel engine

Tank Tipe 90 Jepang

Tanktercangging has become one of the mainstays of the Japanese martial forces and put into use since 1992.

     Tank Type 90 has a cruising range of 400 km, and maximum speed of

Tank KIA1

One mainstay KRL for heavyweight tank is Kiai. Tanks of this type to deal with North Korea:

      These tanks carry 120 mm caliber cannon and two machine guns.
     Tank Commander operates the 12.7 mm machine guns and machine guns firing 7.62 mm handle.
     This tank has a cruising range of 500 km and a maximum speed of 65 km / h.
      This tank weighs 54.5 tons,
     4 crew operated.
     Each served as a tank commander, gunner, loaders and drivers.

Tank Tipe 99 China

In addition to the type Type 90 Tank, China develop the most advanced Tank Type 99.

     collaborate with Russia. Tank Type 90 125 mm caliber gun equipped and suitable for use

Tank Merkava Mk IV

Israel is the weight of tank production reached 65 tons as a tank that has the most powerful protection against current attacks. Not only at the top of the tank, the bottom was covered with armor thick enough to withstand a land mine explosion. Because Israel is the

Tank T-90

Type of Tank T-90 became the mainstay of Russia in the post Cold War era. Tank is a development of T-72 tanks during the cold war. There are several variants of Tank T-90, but used for

K2 Black Panther

Tanks of this type Touted the most expensive at this time. Such as the M1A2 Abrams carries the protection of the United States

MIA2 Abrams

MIA2 Abrams! This is the most advanced tank mainstay mampumelibas United States and its enemies around the world. Coated uranium armor, while the inner lining of the tank is coated Kevlar to

Challenger 2

Jinis Tank has a very good protection in holding the enemy onslaught. The following specification of the type of tank is the most advanced 2:

     Challenger 2 is operated

Leopard 2A6

Tanks advanced from various sources has the following specifications:

     Capable of climbing up the slope of 60 degrees and go up to 72 km.
     This tank also has a cruising range of 550 Km.
      Weight of 62 tons,
     armed with a caliber of 120 mm cannon

He is Korea Leading Aircraft Train

Visitors see a variety of products made in South Korea's fighter planes while Indo Defence Exhibition 2010, Jakarta International Expo, Kemayoran, Jakarta, Wednesday (10/11/2010). A wide

TO HAVE WEAPONS North mainstay AMERICAN Attack

SentragadingNews, WASHINGTON - U.S. intelligence report (U.S.) states, North Korea (North Korea) is building intercontinental ballistic missiles that could hit the U.S. first.

"We expressed our concerns over

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Japan china war

Two views regarding the recent "helicopter incident"

Chinese chopper 'ignored orders' / Insubordination within navy could heighten possibility of accidents

Japan's military

Japan is one of the country is losing the war in World War II, Japanese military has been highly regarded since World War II, ekpansionis in Asian countries such as Indonesia have proved the ability of military forces of japan, until the Japanese attack on the United States, which led to the defeat of Japan by the United States when U.S. dropping an atomic bomb

Russian Mother Ship Arrives in Syria Before End of Year (2011)

MOSCOW, - The Russian military officers on Tuesday (11/29/2011), confirmed the plan to send the aircraft carrier Admiral Kuznetsov and some escort ships to the military base Tartus in Syria. Fleet is currently in the final stages of preparation and is planned to arrive in Syria before the end of this year.

Russia Delivers MI-171 Choppers to Iran


January 29, 2009, Tehran - Russia delivered two of five Mi-171 helicopters sold to Iran after signing a $ 45 million contract to upgrade the country's rescue fleet

Military of Russia

MOSCOW - The Russian government intends to rejuvenate their military forces to provide new military equipment. Russia's Defense Ministry plans to buy 600 fighter planes as well as several other large combat equipment.

With a budget of USD650 billion, or approximately Rp5.749, 25 trillion (Rp8.845 per dollar), Kemenhan Russia also plans to buy

Flora and Fauna Israel

Israel is the snow-capped mountains, deserts, dry, fertile land, lush forests and the length of the sand. No fewer than four different geographical zones are included in the State of Israel, and the climate ranges from semi-State - dry to moderate to subtropical

Life of ancient Israel in the Old Testament

Life of ancient Israel in the Book of Joshua and Judges describes Israel's invasion of Canaan, the promised land. Expected to occur between 1200-1000 BC. Both sources are very confusing. Some passages look like military assault troops, and some passages look like a gradual infiltration. Perhaps people Israel settled in the hills near the city, utilizing state of Egypt which was hit by the destruction. In the Bible also seen how the nation of Israel continues to battle with these communities in the lowlands, especially the Philistines.

Important areas of Israel

Sea of ​​Galilee
Der See im Norden Israels liegt fischreicher Süßwassersee als ein im Jordangraben. The lake is located in the northern part of Israel as a large freshwater fish in the Jordan valley. Er ist lang 21 km, 13 km Breit, und der Seespiegel liegt unter Normalnull.Panjangnya 209 m by 21 km and has a width of 13 km, and the lake level 209 m below sea level. Er ist der tiefstgelegene somites Süßwassersee der Erde. Therefore, this lake is

Israel and the geographic

Israel is one of the countries of the region we know as the Middle East. Israel is a small country compared to countries that are in the vicinity. However, the location of Israel is a strategic location of the country because Israel is the only state that limits the 3 continents of the world, Europe, Africa and Asia. The third continent is connected to the main road that passes through the state of Israel. Due to its strategic position, Israel may be the country that are eager to have their area by other countries to control trade routes and political (although if

Iran: Authorities Hormuz Strait Full of Us

Location canal Hormuz, a major crossing of export deliveries of crude oil in the bay area
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