Monday, May 28, 2012

MIA2 Abrams

MIA2 Abrams! This is the most advanced tank mainstay mampumelibas United States and its enemies around the world. Coated uranium armor, while the inner lining of the tank is coated Kevlar to
ensure keselatan tank crew.

     Capable of destroying other tanks within a radius of 4 Km.
     Three machine guns to add spooky tank weighs 62.5 tons.
     MIA2 Abrams has a cruising range of 400 km and a maximum speed of 67 Km.
     Abrams MIA2 operated four crew. Each served as a tank commander, gunner, loaders and drivers.
     M256 120mm cannon gun count.
All types of tanks advanced Informasti type cited above of and translated by the second. All pictures taken from google image.

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