Friday, June 1, 2012

Gaddafi through the night both armies attack the UK, France, and the U.S.

TRIPOLI ( - Libyan leader trying to prevent a second wave of air strikes by declaring another ceasefire at 19:00 local time on Sunday (3/20/2011). But this does not prevent F-16 fighter planes took off from American Italian air base an hour after the announcement.

The blast reportedly occurred in Tripoli and anti-aircraft fire was heard from the residence of Muammar Gaddafi. Smoke was reported near the palace of the dictator. America has taken over the airwaves to warn the population so as not to interfere with military operations.

On Sunday (20/3), Gaddafi refused to step down after the first round of air strikes from U.S. and its allies who supported the United Nations. Gaddafi declared that he had armed more than one million people to do the "protracted war".

However, the second round began, and a spokesman for the Libyan military ordered all units in the country to a ceasefire.

Coalition commanders claimed to be wary of the truth of the issue this cease. No team spokesman. 10 says, "Everyone will remember that in recent days Colonel Gaddafi announced that he had violated the ceasefire itself. That's why we respond to his actions, his words, and we'll do it again."

On the same day (20/3), the U.S. military alliance, Britain, and France dispatched from RAF Marham Tornado now come reports that Gaddafi was targeting rebel forces in Misurata and Zintan. (althaf /

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