Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Israel and the geographic

Israel is one of the countries of the region we know as the Middle East. Israel is a small country compared to countries that are in the vicinity. However, the location of Israel is a strategic location of the country because Israel is the only state that limits the 3 continents of the world, Europe, Africa and Asia. The third continent is connected to the main road that passes through the state of Israel. Due to its strategic position, Israel may be the country that are eager to have their area by other countries to control trade routes and political (although if
seen look diberita or tv about Israel, I think Israel are not happy yaa same area so strategic itu.Hhe! )
Geographical Location of Israel
Israel is only 400 km long and its width varies between 15 km and 110 km. The highest point is Mount "Meron in the Galilee, with a height of 1,200 meters, the lowest point, however, is the city of Sodom (which used to be the case that you know the lot, but now its time uda diff ..), with about 5,000 inhabitants, 392 meters below the sea ​​level.
Bordered on one side represents nature, the southern Mediterranean and the green fields along the coast, on the other hand is the barren mountains of Judea and Samaria. In the north pushing Israel to Lebanon, Syria and Jordan in the east and south, including the Negev desert was in Egypt's Sinai Peninsula.
Israel is a continental hub in the Middle East, on the west by the Mediterranean Sea, east by the great Syrian-African trench and jump to the south through the Red Sea.

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