Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Life of ancient Israel in the Old Testament

Life of ancient Israel in the Book of Joshua and Judges describes Israel's invasion of Canaan, the promised land. Expected to occur between 1200-1000 BC. Both sources are very confusing. Some passages look like military assault troops, and some passages look like a gradual infiltration. Perhaps people Israel settled in the hills near the city, utilizing state of Egypt which was hit by the destruction. In the Bible also seen how the nation of Israel continues to battle with these communities in the lowlands, especially the Philistines.

Archaeological evidence found lifestyle of the people of Israel before the royal form of small villages inhabited by a large family. No one who leads them all just to feel bound by feelings of compatriots, sepersaudaraan, and clan (you know the bible is suitable, for example in Judges 21:25).

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