Monday, May 28, 2012


M4A1 with ACOG shooting and vertical front grip.

Still the mainstay weapon the United States are now widely used non-infantry troops (such as vehicle drivers, aides, and staff officers) it
also makes the M4 suited for close combat and special forces operations. M4 had become the standard for the United States Special Operations Command (USSOCOM) and a choice of Special Forces U.S. Army.
Period of use 1994 -
Used by NATO, Malaysia, Israel,
Indonesia, the Philippines, Australia
and many other
production history
Produced 1994 -
Variants M4A1, CQBR
Empty weight of 2.52 kg;
3.0 kg with a content of 30-grain bullet
Length of 757 mm (29.8 in) butt in;
838 mm (33 in) butt out
Barrel length 368.3 mm (14.5 in)
Magazen 5:56 x 45 mm NATO
Caliber 5.56 mm (.223 in)
Mechanism of gas operation, rotating bolt
² average grain 700-950 shots / minute
Bullet velocity 905 m / s (2970 ft / s)
Effective distance of 300 m
Distance range of 800 m
Magazen ammunition box 50 or 150-grain

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