Friday, June 1, 2012

North Korea threatens South Korea's rocket firing

SEOUL - Seoul warned that the country will shoot down North Korean rocket if its launch and violated territory of South Korea, Monday (26/3).
"We are studying various measures, including track and shoot down North Korean missile if the rocket deviated from a
predetermined direction and invade South Korea," said Deputy Spokesman of the Ministry of Defense Republic of Korea, Yoon Won-shik.

"We could not watch the rocket launch a provocative action that could endanger peace on the Korean Peninsula," said Won-shik.
Government of South Korea and the U.S. military has learned that North Korea moved its rocket to the launch site near the village of Tongchang-ri Phyongan Province.
Launch site is just 50km from the Chinese border city, Dandong across the Yalu River that separates North Korea and China.
Analysts said the launch site is the latest and advanced tools that allow North Korea launched a rocket from the west coast of the country to avoid the trajectory entered the territory of another country.
"The transfer is part of launch preparations. We still continue to monitor the situation," said Won-shik.
Earlier, in a joint statement by U.S. President Barack Obama and South Korean President Lee Myung-bak urged North Korea to cancel rocket launch plan.
Obama also pressed China to use its influence to urge North Korea to halt its plans.
A similar insistence by President Lee Myung-bak after bilateral talks with President Hu Jintao.
"I think North Korea doing this (launch) to disrupt talks about nuclear safety. We must not fall into the deception," said Head of Control and Disarmament Association of China, Li Hong.
China is the strongest economic and diplomatic supporter of North Korea despite China's influence over Pyongyang is limited by the North Korean government's tough stance diprediksinya Beijing and concerns over stability in the border with North Korea.
Although demikain, China earlier this month calling the North Korean ambassador to warn of the dangers which threaten the peace Asia and called on all parties for calm and restraint.

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