Friday, June 1, 2012

Pakistan Nuclear Warehouse Guard Train 8000

ISLAMABAD, - Pakistan train about 8,000 people as an additional power base for securing nuclear weapons, AP news agency reported on Monday (7/11/2011).
During this time, the security of Pakistan's nuclear weapons to
be one source of U.S. concern. Government of Pakistan's nuclear weapons worry Washington fell into the hands of Islamic militant groups are fighting against Western nations.
U.S. anxiety increased after a U.S. magazine quoted the lower stories of Pakistan and U.S. officials that Pakistan send its nuclear weapons components around the country in a vehicle with a low security level. This was done to avoid the attention of militants. Islamabad denies the charge outright.
Pakistan insists, nuclear storage sites have a high level of security. Fear that circulated among the people is not a threat from the Taliban or Al Qaeda. Pakistan People just worried because there is suspicion of U.S. plans to take over control of those weapons. Suspicions and concerns are increasing after the disclosure of a secret U.S. operation that successfully killing Osama bin Laden in Pakistan in May.
Washington insists it did not plan to seize Pakistan weapons. However, article in The Atlantic magazine quoted a number of U.S. military and intelligence officials who said the U.S. military to train intensively for a mission to secure nuclear weapons or nuclear material to Pakistan from falling into the wrong hands.
Pakistan is rarely revealed details of its nuclear program or its security. The announcement that the military is trained 8000 personnel for security of its nuclear weapons arsenal is seen as an attempt to respond to news of the Atlantic.
"This group is people who have chosen physically fit, mentally healthy, and equipped with modern weaponry and equipment," the Pakistan military said in a statement.
The statement was released along with 700 passing the security personnel. Their graduation ceremony was attended by Major General Muhammad Tahir, head of security for the Strategic Plan Division, a division of the military in charge of securing nuclear weapons.

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