Friday, June 1, 2012

Pedal boot Number of Nuclear Weapons, Pakistan U.S.

WASHINGTON (AP) - Pakistan may claim to have a small-scale nuclear defense, but if the United States intelligence data is correct, then Islamabad in the near future could have a nuclear arsenal in the world's fifth largest, and the progress it made quite worried Washington.
According to the New York Times editorial, Pakistan has between 95 to 110 more nuclear weapons, the number was up from about 70-'s nuclear weapons two years ago.
Even without having even the fourth reactor, experts said that Pakistan had developed enough fuel for 40 to 100 additional weapons.
Only the United States, Russia, France, and China surpassed the number of weapons Pakistan.
U.S. and Russia, each of which has thousands of nuclear weapons so far is still the biggest weapon, but at least they attempt to reduce the number of weapons.
According to the New York Times, Washington and its allies must continue to find ways to make Pakistan stop blocking negotiations on banning production of fissile material globally.
The editorial says that Washington could threaten to stop U.S. aid worth billions of dollars if Islamabad did not stop the development of the number of nuclear weapons. But, it will complicate efforts to undermine stability in Afghanistan and in Pakistan.
In conclusion, the editorial says, "In fact, there is no easy way to stop (the addition of weapons Pakistan), or India and China. Slowing and reversing the arms race is important for regional and global security. Washington should look for the points lever and make this one issue as a strategic priority. "
Washington is a major concern is the overthrow of the government of Pakistan and nuclear weapons falling into the hands of extremists.
Last year, the nuclear watchdog based in Washington have satellite photos that revealed a secret reactor cooling towers at Pakistan's Khushab III, which has been completed, This indicates the ability of Pakistan meniongkatkan amount of plutonium that can be used to make weapons.
In 2009, President Barack Obama called for a new agreement to end production of fissile material.
But, Pakistan, the deeper the nuclear relationship with China, blocking the Disarmament Conference discussion starters as it is claimed could harm the security interests of Pakistan.
Ashley Tellis, a scholar at the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace, said, "Pakistan will feel compelled to limit stock and want to make sure fisilnya material in order to produce as much as possible before then."
III is the latest Khushab reactor is built in support for Pakistan's nuclear weapons program. Khushab II reactor began operating in February last year.
Plutonium produced in these reactors allows the manufacture of small arms, but deadly. For example, one kilogram of plutonium can produce an explosion equal to the magnitude of the explosion of 20,000 tons of regular explosives.
Work on Khushab reactor III continues to be encouraged, even as Pakistan hit by massive flooding.
Pakistan believes that nuclear weapons program it is important to deter India's superior strength. (Dn / nk / tg)

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