Friday, June 1, 2012

Russia threatens NATO Destroy Missiles in Europe

VIVAnews - Russian President Dmitry Medvedev said he would fire missiles to destroy the NATO missile defense system in Europe, regardless of who has signed agreements with the United States. These steps will be taken if the demands of Russia about NATO's defense system is still being ignored.
Medvedev said Russia would fire a new ballistic missile capable of penetrating sophisticated enemy defense systems. Russia also will turn off the anti-missile systems owned by NATO and the U.S.. If this fails, then Medvedev had a plan B.
"If you fail, Russia will lose the advanced weaponry to attack the system in the west and south of the country. One of them is the Iskandar missiles in the region Kalinigrad. This we do in order to destroy all U.S. missile defense system in Europe," Medvedev said in a live broadcast , reported by CNN, Wednesday, November 23, 2011.
Medvedev was filed following the threat of NATO's plans to build missile defense centers in several European countries, including Poland, Romania and Turkey. NATO said that the defense system is completed by 2020 is intended to anticipate an attack from the Middle East, like Iran, not to attack Russia.
NATO has asked Russia to join the program. However, Russia is not satisfied with negotiations conducted. Medvedev fear a missile defense system will be used to attack Russia's nuclear weapons is a mainstay of the country since the end of the Cold War.
Medvedev wants a written legal agreement to prevent it. U.S. and NATO to ensure that weapons will not be used to attack Russia. However, U.S. states can not issue a binding document. The U.S. said the document would only limit the performance of defense systems in carrying out its functions.
Russia's move is threatening a new agreement on arms control with the United States Barack Obama and Medvedev signed last year. START treaty (Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty) is a treaty to reduce aggression and use of weapons. This agreement previously signed by U.S. President George Bush and Russian President Mikhail Gorbachev in July 1991.
"There is a condition in which the START agreement is canceled, and this option is specified in the agreement," Medvedev said. (Umi)

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