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Secret weapons in Nazi Germany!

Too often we are served with the U.S. technological superiority in the newspapers. However, readers know that the technology acquired by the United States mainly due to the technological era of Nazi Germany?
Among the easiest to see is the construction of the Apollo rockets used by Neil Armstrong and his colleagues in the mission to the moon in 1969. Apollo rocket built by engineers and scientists to the United States was
fully supervised by a former German engineers and scientists of the era of Hitler Aldolf Werner von Braun. Apollo design does not split each other as his invention V2 rocket design in World War II.
V-2 creation Warner von Braun.
What the author would like to emphasize for this article is the greatness of German technology in which they have pioneered a variety of technology during World War II. It includes research on the Atomic Bomb, the fastest jet fighter, jet fighter radar undetected, practical firearms and more.
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A. Karl the Great
Created by Rheinmetall. By using mortar shells weighing 2 tons, it can destroy a building with a single shot. It was created in 1941 to 1945 with seven thousand in all. However, after World War ended, this mega-sized weapons have only only one and it is displayed at the war museum in Russia.
Kart Polewali

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Two. Schwerer Gustav and Dora
Schwerer Gustav and Dora were the names of the mega-sized German secret weapon that uses railroad to make them easier to move it. As Kart Great, Schwerer Gustav and Dora using bullets weighing 7 tons and can reach 37 km jump far.! Nazi Germany's mega weapon is capable of destroying any defense fortress and it is fully utilized during Operation Barbarossa in Russia. It is also used as a machine of destruction during Battle of France. Weapons created by the Group in 1930 Krupps is finally falling into the hands of the United States after Germany lost the war in 1945. However, due to the weight of the tan mencapat 1350, the United States had to destroy weapons of this mega event for fear that these weapons falling into the hands of Red Army (Russian Communist forces). Schwerer Gustav and Dora did not leave any sign of it except the pictures and quotations from the film and video world war II.
Schwerer Gustav and Dora
Three. Wind Cannon
Another unusual weapons created during the Nazi era. Although we have no immediate impact given the German military air cannon, but scientific research on Wind Cannon quite impressive. In one experiment, a board that has a thickness of 25mm broken when fired using far 200meter Wind Cannon. It is designed to destroy enemy jets entering airspace Germany during World War II. It was placed on the bridge across the Elbe, but no favorable results ever recorded.

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4. V3: Hochdruckpumpe
Prior to V3, German scientists have created the first of their secret weapon of V1 and V2. However, the V3 V1 and V2 does not like being a rocket of mass destruction, but, V3 is a mega-sized cannon that can destroy everything that is in the target. V3 with a size of 140 meter is able to jump to 140 kg weight of the bullet as far as 165 km.!
V3 Construction began in 1943 in Mimoyecques, France in a bunker. But it was destroyed by bombs dropped by coalition alliance after the construction secrets spread through their intelligence agents. However, the V3-sized (45 meters) was built in Antwerp, Belgium and Luxembourg and is successfully used to help the German invasion in 1944.


Five. Silent Dart
A pencil drawing was discovered in July 1945 at the Reich Chancellery, Berlin in Germany has already fallen on the Allied powers during World War II. The painting shows a jet fighter equipped with dart-shaped bomb. The bomb was believed to have a weight that can reach 1000kg. Speed ​​of the aircraft is also said to destroy the target with a speed that can reach 700mph.!
Silent Dart
6. Schallkanone
This strange weapon called Schallkanone. This weapon is able to produce an echo that reaches thousands of decibels of sound that can make enemy soldiers burst eardrum.


7. Henschel HS293
Another secret weapon of Nazi Germany Henschel HS293. Henschel HS293 is a radio-controlled missile destroyer air to land. It was invented by a German scientist named are of Austria Herbert A. Wagner. Wagner was one of the first scientists brought to the United States after World War II ended during Operation Paperclip.
Construction projects begun around the year 1939 again. This rocket is installed in pairs with a fighter jet Lutwaffe and when it began flying close to target, it was released and controlled by a radio-controlled missile destroyer exactly as at present. HS293 had destroyed some ships of war belonging to the Allies as HMT Rohna, which killed about 1000 marine soldiers. Among other ships that were destroyed bombed rocket is HMHS Newfoundland smart, HMS Jervis, USS Prevail and more.
HS 293
That is just some of the weapons revealed by the researchers succeeded in World War II. It is believed that Hitler and his scientists are still engaged to perform a larger study about the year 1944 until 1945. In fact, history is often said that the first radar developed by scientists from Great Britain. However, the fact, is not sebergitu. In fact, the radar (which was then not known as a radar) have been discovered and pioneered its discovery by a talented scientists from Germany, Christian Huelsmeyer in 1905 - Long before Robert Watson-Watt, a senior Scotland created in 1935.
Christian Hulsmeyer
Many believe that Hitler had succeeded in making a futuristic aircraft but it has not reached the prototype development process. During World War ended, the alliance many bebentuk collection of war 'blue print' of which he is the final proposal to the construction of weapons and military aircraft. Among those found was the blue print for style stealth bomber aircraft. Such as the Stealth Bomber that is created by the United States only in the early 90's, the aircraft that 'might' have created this Nazi bombers system and anti-radar impressive enough.
If it is destined that the Pact Allies defeated Germany, would have the technology available today is much more sophisticated. Many said that when Germany lost, backward technology worldwide for a century.! Between readers and believe it or not, it's up to you all to judge. On all the evidence given in the form of data and photographs, the author had no doubt about the power of Hitler to lead Germany and the greatness of German scientists pioneered the science and technology.

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