Friday, June 1, 2012

British Weapons Involved Bahrain Bloody Uprising

LONDON (AP) - British Ministry of Defense review of arms export licenses after it emerged that Bahrain uses weapons of mass controllers such as the British-made tear gas and stun grenades to repel the protesters. The British government launched a review of exports to Bahrain after it was learned that the security forces in Bahrain are supplied with British-made weapons.After bloody clashes in the capital of Bahrain, Manama, which resulted in five people were killed and more than 100
people injured, the Foreign and Commonwealth Minister Alistair Burt said the government would "immediately revoke the license if we determine it is not in line with the criteria set ( Britain and the European Union). "Although the activists have long been concerned about Bahrain's human rights record, British companies granted a license without being opposed and export control of weapons of mass which can sometimes be deadly.Approved license is a license for the guns and ammunition that are currently used riot police to block the Bahrain protesters, including a rifle shotgun, tear gas, ammunition control the masses, and stun grenades."We consider the violations of human rights seriously," said Burt."We will not permit the export of goods which, in our opinion, can trigger or prolong internal or regional conflicts that may be used to facilitate repression at home," he added.Human rights groups called for the supply of arms to Bahrain immediately stopped and revealed why the UK has licensed arms exports to countries that are now affected by the conflict.Yesterday evening, the Ministry of Defence was unable to say what the roles of the British military in supporting or providing advice to the troops by sending troops Bahrain or training program.Military analysts said that Bahrain elite who admired British smelly things increase the likelihood of getting it. "The military employs a number of British citizens Bahrain as an organization and strategy advisor in the Ministry of the Interior and the Ministry of Defense," said Jonathan Eyal, director of international security studies at the Royal United Services Institute.According to the Foreign and Commonwealth Office and the campaign against the arms trade, the UK also supplying weapons and ammunition similar to Libya. Sales to Bahrain and Libya is actively promoting arms unit dipromosokan by the British government, UK Trade and Investment Defence and Security Organisation.Despite widespread unrest throughout the Middle East and North Africa, these companies will attend the British arms manufacturer IDEX, Abu Dhabi at the gun show this weekend to encourage the sale of weapons in the Middle East region.After the Guardian analysis photographs of victims injured or killed are taken to hospitals in Bahrain, visible pattern of firing shotgun blasts and used, including a child were seriously injured her ribs and apparently shot at close range. Eyewitnesses said the police did use a rifle shotgun.Other export license to Bahrain British passed the small arms ammunition and machine guns.Despite warnings from Human Rights Watch and other organizations about the deteriorating situation in Bahrain, statistics, Foreign and Commonwealth Office show that the number continues to increase arms exports in 2010. (Dn / gd)

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