Monday, May 28, 2012

Tank Leclerc

Tank types produced GIAT Industries Leclerc in France. First prototype was made in 1989. Apart from France, Saudi Arabia also has hundreds of these tanks.

     The maximum speed of 72 km / h.
     Leclerc tanks use the turbo diesel engine

V8X-1500 VD-powered 1500 horsepower.
     Protective layer consisting of steel, ceramic and Kevlar. One advantage easily fixed if exposed to fire.
     He weighs 56 tons and 3 crew operated. Each served as a commander, gunner and driver. For weapons, Leclerc reinforced 120 mm cannon and machine gun 12.7 mm caliber or 7.62-mm.
     Cruising range of 650 km to reach the reserve tank, the tank 550 miles with no reserve
All types of tanks advanced Informasti type cited above of and translated by the second. All pictures taken from google image.

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