Monday, May 28, 2012

TO HAVE WEAPONS North mainstay AMERICAN Attack

SentragadingNews, WASHINGTON - U.S. intelligence report (U.S.) states, North Korea (North Korea) is building intercontinental ballistic missiles that could hit the U.S. first.

"We expressed our concerns over
intelligence reports that mention North Korea to build intercontinental ballistic missile capable of hitting the United States," the letter written by the members of Congress to Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta, told the Washington Times, Tuesday (6/12 / 2011).

"With this report, we believe, necessary for the Government to prioritize the development of U.S. missile defense system in our country."

Some U.S. military experts believe, this missile is a variant of the Musudan missile built by North Korea. The missile was tested in October 2010. Until now, not yet known whether South Korea's new missile was built with the help of technology from China or North Korea from pure technology.

China previously had also allegedly provided missile technology to the communist partners in Asia, North Korea. Indication of ownership related to North Korea's missiles have had a conversation in June, when Robert Gates was still serving as Defense Secretary.

In June, Gates had said North Korea is a threat to the U.S., because the communist country that does not stop its nuclear program and has a long-range ballistic missiles.

In a letter filed by policy makers in the U.S., the Pentagon urged to develop strategies to deal with long-range missile threat to North Korea.

A military analyst Richard Fisher said North Korea has nuclear weapons and missile threats that would be spectacular for the U.S. defense system in Asia.

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