Friday, June 1, 2012

Willie Pete Israel Army Deadly Weapon

Did you know Israel is the weapon will White Phosphorus, or better known as WP (White Phosphorus). Name is often used in the military is Willie Pete, this is quite lethal weapons ever used in warfare can be highly flammable white Vietnam.Fosfor on the skin, flesh until our bones and can cause dense smoke enough to fool our movement against the enemy.

WP was first produced by the end of the British army in 1916 in the form of a grenade and was developed and
used in the Second World War by American soldiers in the various forms of weapons of any kind luncur.Inggris bomb ever used this weapon to eliminate Khurdi troops in Iraq in 1920.

Deadly weapons are recorded in modern history has been used by several countries during the war, the following notes:

A. Iraq Civil War (2004)

2. Israel's war - Lebanon (2006)

3. Gaza attack by Israel (2008-2009)

4. Afghanistan Civil War (2009)

5. Civil War in Yemen (2009)

6. Palestine War - Israel (2010-2011)

The following picture how these weapons to attack Palestinian civilians in 2009 in Elementary school complex SCHOOL IN UNRWA Beit Lahia, Gaza, PALESTINE.

This evidence is sufficient to state that Israel is a war criminal, but ... all the evil people still watch this one.

(source: wikipedia / photo: emailpri)

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