Thursday, June 14, 2012

Aspide 2000 missile

Aspide 2000 missile launched from the platform surface defense

ASPIDE missile is a missile system (medium-range) is awakened from the Italian American missile system
Syarikat namely 7E Sparrow and AIM most appropriately used in the shooting of two states namely air-to-air and surface to air. This system was then used to use on warships and ground defense platform.

Difesa Alenia is responsible firm produce and release this missile system. Missile was first used by the North Italian army in 1987. Using a system of idolatry go with semi-active radar seeker and berkelajuan monopulse supersonic Mach 2.5, the maximum flight range of this missile is 14 kilometers and carrying 33 kilograms of explosives burst in the head.

Among countries that have missiles ASPIDE besides Italy is China, Thailand, Argentina, Brazil, Peru, Morocco, Venezuela, Nigeria, Egypt, Spain, Pakistan, Philippines and Malaysia. Most of these countries to put the missile on their warships.

Launch a missile corvette TLDM Aspide

ASPIDE missile is among the anti-air missiles owned by TLDM and be provided over four corvette-class ships of the squadron to Admiral-24 namely KD Hang Nadim, KD Tun Pusmah Admiral, KD Tun Abdul Jamil Admiral Admiral Muhammed Amin and KD.

Apart from the almost equal ASPIDE Mk.1 AIM 7E Sparrow missiles, there are 2 versions that have been dipertingkat keupayaannya. ASPIDE Mk.2 which go hala be provided with the system of semi-active radar and ASPIDE 2000 version ASPIDE Mk.1 level of effort for surface to air missiles.

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