Friday, June 1, 2012

China's military power

Here are the data of Chinese military power had gathered by a research team at the Global Future Institute (GFI).

Active Army totaled 2.255 million (two million two hundred fifty five thousand) people. Reserve army, 800,000 (eight hundred thousand) people. Active paramilitary 3.969 million (three million nine hundred sixty nine thousand) people.

Army, China has some 31 300 weapons adaptable land, some 8200 tanks, troop transport vehicles by 5000, some 14 000 cannons, guns thrusters 1700, 2400 rocket launcher systems, mortars number 16,000, anti-tank weapons control 6500, and anti-aircraft guns 7700 .

In the sea forces, China also quite glorious. Ships, totaling 760 units, 1822 units freighter, the main port 8, a unit of the aircraft carrier, destroyer unit 21, unit 68 submarines, 42 frigates, coastal patrol boats 6 368 units, minesweepers around 39 units, and ships amphibians about 121 units.

Air Force, the Chinese have a number of aircraft unit 1900. Simply amazing. Helicopter unit 491, unit 67 airfields.

Global Future Institute Research team (GF)

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