Friday, June 22, 2012

development plan of the United States military forces

MOSCOW - Plan for the development of military power the United States (U.S.) in Asia to Russia cornered. They also questioned U.S. intentions to build a major military base in Afghanistan.

"It is still not clear how, after the U.S. would withdraw its troops in 2014, it plans to build military bases in Afghanistan," said Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov was quoted as saying by China Daily, Friday (18/11/2011).

Lavrov said the government had discussed this issue with representatives of Afghanistan and the U.S. but he said until now no one can be answered by the U.S. side.

"What's more, we also receive information about our colleagues from the United States, that they wanted to expand its military presence in Asia," said Lavrov.

Russian Foreign Minister is questioned U.S. intentions that seek to develop its power in Afghanistan and Asia. He said, since the beginning of operations against Al Qaeda and the Taliban, the U.S. gain from the certainty that the presence of foreign troops there only intended to fight terrorism.

"Russia's assurance that there are no plans in the long-term geopolitical changes. This should be respected (by U.S.)," he added.

Indeed just memperbahurui U.S. military cooperation with Australia. This is seen as a step to strengthen U.S. forces in Asia. In addition, this plan also considered the U.S. to counter China's influence in Asia.

Uncle Sam's own plans to increase the presence of the Marines in northern Australia they were up to 2,500 personnel, starting from mid-2012.

While in Afghanistan, U.S. plans to build a large military base after the withdrawal of their troops in 2014. The U.S. plan is still being discussed by the Government of Afghanistan with the tribal elders in the country.

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