Thursday, June 14, 2012

Iran: U.S. Missile Weapons We Beat It Again

TEHRAN - Iran's senior military adviser, said the missile defense system the United States (U.S.) will not be able to compete with Iranian missiles.

"The U.S. missile defense system that has been stationed in Turkey,
Palestine, Iraq, Kuwait, Qatar, Bahrain and United Arab Emirates (UAE) will not beat us," said Iran's military adviser Major General Seyyed Yahya Rahim Safivi, as quoted by the Jerusalem Post, Thursday (11/23/2011).

"They might strike some sectors of our missile defense, but we had missiles in large numbers. They can not destroy it," he said.

Safivi also said the entire area of ​​Israel, it has become the target of long-range missile Iran. In addition, Iran's military adviser, adding that Iran's Revolutionary Guards have started watching the movements of Israel and the U.S. who already hold a military exercise.

U.S. missile defense system is also considered a threat to Russia. Many Russian military experts said that U.S. missiles were intended to attack Iran.
But the U.S. also has said his country will not carry out attacks on Iran.

The threat of an attack spearheaded by Israel to Iran. Jewish country seemed concerned with the continuation of Iran's nuclear program. Nevertheless, the West and the United States also has refused to support a military intervention into Iran. For the West, sanksilah necessary to isolate Iran. (RHS)

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