Friday, June 1, 2012

Nuclear Dispute Iran and Israel will attack Iran tegang.Israel more?

divulging in the German newspaper reported the existence of Israel plans to attack Iran aimed at the destruction facility Nulkir. Israel in Palmachin area south of Tel Aviv has successfully tested a nuclear missile that could reach a distance of 7000 km, which means the type of Jericho 3.Ini could reach Iran.

Rakete, abgefeuert im südlichen Israel durch das System "Iron Dome". Bild: ap

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, according to the newspaper "Haaretz" in his Cabinet to recruit to attack Iran. Even Defense Minister Ehud Barak urged to attack Iran's nuclear facilities.
July 1981, Israel had destroyed an Iraqi reactor at Osirak-.
September 2007 Israel has also destroyed the facilities required in Syria built with the help of utara.Apakah Korea or Israel may be able to attack Iran?
Judging from the field of military force capable of striking Israel Israel seems Israel.Pada saaat except Jericho has a rocket Nukklir 2 and 3 also Israel has approximately 100 bus 200 Nuclear warheads that its destructive power of ten times the Hiroshima bomb.
Israel also has a submarine and carrier armed with nuclear rockets.
Saudi Arabia does not actually allow the use of its airspace, but many are likely to close your eyes so that the ships flying fighter jet F 15 and F16 Israel to invade Iran.
Fregata and Israel Aircraft Carriers and Jet F15 and 16 belonging to Israel was in the waters of the Persian Golf?
The regime in Tehran announced it would soon avenge the army assault weapons Israel.Tetapi Iran 40% as a result of war with Iraq in 1979-1980 have been hancur.Pada now Iran is trying to promote the army unjtuk
The reason Israel will attack Iran (according to the newspaper "Haaretz" I would advise Netanyahu to attack Iran ") is:
1.Perundingan with Iran under President Obama did not achieve success., And Iran with a bright patently intended to destroy Israel from the face of the earth.
2.Israel have a military force capable of destroying Iran's nuclear facilities at Natanz and Isfahan.
3.Iran not have the military means to retaliate.
4.Serangan means Israel will restore Israel as a superpower (superpower) in the Middle East, where the war against Hezbollah in Lebanon in 2006 and Hamas in Gaza has dropped.
5.Saudi Arabia and the rich Arab countries like Kuwait, Katar, Bahrain Eimrat will not allow Iran to the development of weapons, especially weapons Atom.Tetapi other countries such as Turkey, Jordan, Morocco, Libya and Egypt does not want Iran to become a superpower area east tingah.Dengan the difference in the flow of Islam seems there is no unity and mutual besaing instead.
6.Satu beluim why still only run the Israeli attack on Iran without U.S. persetujuuan Israel and the West will result in more isolated.
Good heavens why God allowed the prophet Abraham's grandson's grandson fought each other, mutual membunuh.Semua feel right, the war on behalf of said Allah.Semua hatrus struggle to defend our nation, state and religion.

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