Friday, June 22, 2012

A number of Russian warships of Black Sea Fleet is reportedly set sail for the Mediterranean Sea

MOSCOW - A Russian warship from the Black Sea Fleet is reportedly set sail for the Mediterranean Sea. According to Russian authorities, is closely related to measures to protect the interests of the Russian logistics base is located in Tartous, Syria.
"Mediterranean Sea is the responsibility of the Black Sea Fleet. Therefore a number of warships will be directed to the region associated with protecting the interests of the Russian logistics base in Tartous, Syria," said one Russian official told Itar-Tass news agency quoted Russian Today Saturday , (06/16/2012).
Sources of the Russian Government was added, a number of warships of the Black Sea Fleet that sailed to Russian warships including the huge size that have landing facilities. Black Sea Fleet is one of the Russian fleet operating in the Black Sea and Mediterranean Sea since the late 18th century.
Nevertheless, the Russian side denied a media report the United States (U.S.), which states that the Russian Black Sea Fleet was sailing toward Tartous to support the Syrian regime.
"All the ships in Sevastopol however, not so with Cesar Kunikov warships. U.S. intelligence may have poor performance or may have a poor knowledge of their geography," said one Russian official.
According to Russian officials, Cesar Kunikov warships of the Black Sea Fleet has just returned from Messina, Italy by crossing the Bosporus Strait on Friday, June 15 yesterday. Cesar Kunikov was reportedly will soon be placed on the military base of Sevastopol, Ukraine.
Earlier, news emerged from one of the U.S. media, NBC, which states that Russia has sent troops into Syria in small groups to protect their logistics base in Tortous. In its report, NBC said Russia sent troops into Tartous using warships.
However, this information can not be confirmed by a spokesman for the U.S. State Department.
Russian warships to visit Syria in mind the last time in January. The visit was led by Admiral Kuznetsov warship is intended to fill the logistical backup and do the treatment vessel.
Russia is known as one of the closest allies of Syria. Even two days ago, the United States accused Russia has sent a number of helicopter gunships to support the Syrian regime of President Bashar al-Assad. Red Bear this country also had vowed that it would not allow military actions as part of efforts to end the deadly violence in Syria.
So far, Syria Tartous which is the area known as the only naval base (AL) Russia outside of the country. Naval base in Tartous is a logistics center that serves a variety of needs for a number of Russian warships operating in the Mediterranean Sea. Under the agreement the two countries (Syria-Russia) Russian naval base was opened in 1971 and then. (RHS)

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