Friday, June 22, 2012

Russia: U.S. not exceed Ethics & Professional Diplomatic

MOSCOW - Ambassador of the United States (U.S.) for Russia Michael McFaul pointed, Russia bribe willing to Kyrgystan to close U.S. air base in the country. Suddenly statement McFaul is under fire from Red Bear State.

Russian Foreign Ministry said the statement made by U.S. Ambassador it was very confusing. Moreover the statement said McFaul as remarks while attending a meeting with the Higher School of Economics student.Not only that, the Russian Foreign Ministry also denounced McFaul's comments related to the Washington-Moscow diplomatic relations."Thought McFaul related to US-Russian relations goes far beyond diplomatic and ethics is a form of deliberate distortion of some substance in the dialogue between the two countries," the Russian Foreign Ministry said in the report quoted Russian Today, Tuesday (29/05/2012).In a statement, the Russian Foreign Ministry also confirmed Russia's leaders did not use his influence in the practice of political life, including the U.S. air base closure issue in Kyrgystan. Moscow also called for more transparency associated with the Washington foreign policy in Central Asia."We understand that the current government in power in Washington have been different but, it is also not being transparently linked to the U.S. foreign policy in Central Asia. Ambassador should at least be able to explain what was said and what he has done," said Moscow.After the statement taken by Moscow, McFaul said in his twitter account, he is still learning to speak diplomatically.Since his inauguration as U.S. Ambassador in Russia, McFaul known to frequently make remarks that could provoke tension assessed in the relations between the two countries. McFaul of them had received harsh criticism from the Russian government because of his meeting with Russian opposition.Not only that, McFaul also been severely criticized from Red Bear State associated with the following explanation for the detention of protesters who engage in anti-government protests.McFaul is known as an expert in US-Russian relations. McFaul placement at U.S. diplomatic posts in Russia with suspicion as one of Washington's efforts to improve relations with Moscow.But the militant group suspected in the presence of the Russian Government McFaul on Russia as U.S. efforts to promote democracy in the country's Red Bear. (RHS)

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