Friday, June 1, 2012

The Sinister China's Military Strength

At least that is the mind of the Pentagon. Pentagon feels Asia-Pacific stability could be threatened by China's military progress is proportional to the acceleration of the economy.

By Michael Schiffer, the scale of China's military investment and economic growth make China's military reach a certain level of fear increases the risk of misunderstanding, tension and
instability region the military.

Pentagon officials for East Asia were also able to cope with Beijing's military declared a dispute with its military power. Indeed, data show China's rapid technological progress which makes him fall behind in some respects, especially the military.

Michael is not just a word of common concern. Data on China's military growth gained from the annual report that was issued when the Chinese are testing the aircraft carrier and a new stealth aircraft J20.

China takes the issue of who would destroy the balance, the U.S. report that China considers lebay.

China's creepy. Just imagine, according to the data, China not only develop a military wing, but also in all aspects such as the internet and space. China did not want to mention the space assets controlled by the enemy during conflict.

Several U.S. sites and computer systems that hackers target was derived from China. And the conclusion of the annual report is the emphasis that the strengthening of China-US military relations are very important. Earlier, the US-China relations in 2010, China suspended because of the U.S. proved to sell arms to Taiwan.

Does this mean the Pentagon felt threatened China's position?

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