Thursday, June 14, 2012

Weakness of the U.S. Navy in Shallow Waters

JAKARTA - The United States (U.S.) who have a strong fleet it also has drawbacks. U.S. Navy (U.S. Navy) was not so much have the capability in shallow water.

"We learned a lot from the Navy. They actually have a high capability, "said Commander U.S. Seventh Fleet Admiral Scott Van Buskirk Laksamada at Hotel Shangri-La, Jakarta, Thursday (16/06/2011).

Van Buskirk Laksdya assess the tactics of the Navy has a lot of shallow water. "Many of the tactics by small boats. This vessel is used for shallow water, "said the man who mengkomandoi 70 ships in the U.S. seventh fleet.

He said the U.S. does not have many ships of shallow waters. "This is something very valuable to learn. Our navy learned a lot from you, "he said.

Through exercises such as Cooperation afloat Readiness and Training (CARAT), the two forces complement their shortcomings.

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