Monday, July 9, 2012

America and Israel Pidgin Iran Continues Nuclear Site United States was developed by Advanced Technology Search Articles Investigate Google destroy Iran's nuclear development program. In the cyber sabotage effort by Husband, including the program known as Stuxnet.

Husband programs developed by the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) worked the same article Google Search for Idaho National Laboratory, the government of Israel, And Other U.S. agencies.

So reported in the U.S. newspaper The Wall Street Journal, June 2 issue, Google Search The article cites sources familiar AS IS Program. The CIA also tried to conduct reconnaissance On Location Iran's nuclear development through the flight without crew And the scientists spying on Iran through the cyber world.

U.S. strategy aims to track and control Iran's nuclear program in Areas Difficult to Live By penetrated ordinary human role. "These are not part of a broader program language. Program Than My husband preferred to attack a Google Search for New Media Direct military action to Iran's nuclear program development centers," said an official with the understanding Problem ITU Program.

Iran itself has repeatedly emphasized that the nuclear program was not developed for making nuclear weapons, but aimed at the development of complementary Peace Power.

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