Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Convoys Merkava Mk 1 in the streets of Lebanon

Convoys Merkava Mk 1 in the streets of Lebanon. Crushing defeat suffered by the IDF Merkava MBT fleet and in particular in the new Lebanese ago, not entirely derived from the weakness tank. A number of external causes helped support the performance of Merkava memblenya the modern battlefield

Early Disaster For Merkava

Thus contradictory asymmetric war which took place between Israel and the Palestinian and Lebanese perlawana. A 3D Mk attempt to protect themselves by spreading the smoke from the engine exhaust when under attack army forces Palestinian stone throwers near Balata refugee camp, Nablus-West Bank.


Malaysia diberitakan telah membeli 48 unit Tank Tempur Utama (MBT) PT-91M sebanyak 48 unit, lengkap berikut kekuatan pendukungnya sejumlah 6 unit kendaraan bengkel WZT-4, 5 unit PMC-90 Leguan Ran Jembatan, dan 3 unit OBRUM Gliwice MID-M obstacle-breaching vehicle. Total nilai kontrak dengan pihak Bumar-Polandia yang di Malaysia diwakili oleh MMC Defence sebesar 1,4 milyar Ringgit atau setara dengan 368 juta Dollar Amerika.

Al Qassam Successfully Destroy Tank "Merkava 4" Israel

GAZA (Arrahmah.com) - Izzuddin al Qassam Brigades said on Wednesday (7/1) morning succeeded in attacking Israeli forces behind the car market in the village of Olives and detonates bombs on tanks' Merkava 4 "of Israel and a group of Israeli forces. Al Qassam confirmed dead and wounded occurred in the line of Israeli forces.

Monday, October 29, 2012

Malaysia Will Buys Russian Weapons

KUALA LUMPUR, KOMPAS.com - Malaysia is rumored to be soon bought up various Russian-made weaponry, ranging from portable missile to missile warships. Arms purchase negotiations continue.

Studying in Malaysia Increased Military Force Spratley Islands

By: Captain Inf Hasan Abdullah Iskandar Muda Military Command Officers
Based on the declaration of the Exclusive Economic Zone dated 20 September 1979, the Malaysian Government claims mediator continent boundary of the 200-nautical miles. Kites Coral is part of the so-called

If Europe Tighten Sanctions, Iran Stop Oil Exports

Dubai, (AFP). Iran, Tuesday (23/10) said it would stop oil exports if Western nations tighten sanctions against the country. Tehran will implement strategies possible "Plan B" in order to survive without foreign oil.
Western countries led the U.S. has imposed sanctions on the Islamic Republic's strict this year in a bid to curb its nuclear program which they

Iran tests missile, Israel misgivings

The clash between Iran and Israel heats up. Moreover, the Iranian government yesterday successful missile test in order to show the strength and defense of the Israeli attack.
Reported by Reuters, Iran's armed forces said the missile type "Fateh 110" is capable of destroying Israel and U.S. bases in the region if they were attacked. Iran also threatened to close the Strait of Hormuz are a transportation route for 40 percent of worldwide oil sales

Israel will lost 10,000 troops if atack Iran

TEHRAN, KOMPAS.com - Israel will lose at least 10,000 troops if attacked Iran, said a senior official Iranian Press TV reported on Sunday (10/07/2012).

"If Israel attacks, Iran's deterrent capabilities will unleash deadly blow against them and the death toll on the Israeli side will not be less than 10,000. So, they will be stopped immediately," said Mohsen Rezaei, secretary of Iran Wisdom Council.

Iran's military maneuvers would Degrees Gallery

REPUBLIKA.CO.ID, TEHRAN - Deputy Commander of Islamic Republic of Iran Air Force (IRIAF) Brigadier General Aziz Nasirzadeh, the Iranian Air Force plans to hold a large-scale military maneuvers in the south of the country at the end of the year, the Iranian calendar (March 2013).
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