Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Convoys Merkava Mk 1 in the streets of Lebanon

Convoys Merkava Mk 1 in the streets of Lebanon. Crushing defeat suffered by the IDF Merkava MBT fleet and in particular in the new Lebanese ago, not entirely derived from the weakness tank. A number of external causes helped support the performance of Merkava memblenya the modern battlefield

After Lebanon, not so much sound Merkava gait, especially since the Arab states mcrasa horrified to open fron back to Israel. Learning from Yom Kippur, ncgara like Iran and Syria chose to smuggle weapons to Hezbollah alone. Only when the movement Intifada erupted in 1996, the Merkava was sent to the Palestinian territories to control the situation. Moreover, in the same year operation Grapes of Wrath was launched to combat suth Lebanese Army.
Merkava is here revealed new weaknesses. Three Merkava landmine victims when weighing 100 kilograms remote controlled remotely detonated just as the Merkava passing. This incident killed the crew and troops in it. Apparently Merkava is very weak in the lower layer, something that is also found in the tanks made plural other countries.
Everything changes far more drastic when, on July 12, 2006, Hezbollah Katyusha attacks into northern Israel containing civilians. At the same time Hezbollah abducted three Israeli soldiers in exchange for prisoners held in Israeli military camp. Israeli parliament reacted instantly, and allow retaliation harder.
AB Israeli Chief of Staff Lt. Gen. Dan Halutz (ex-pilot F-4 and F-16) in an interview with Israel's Channel 10 said, "If our soldiers are not returned, we will turn Lebanon into a state 20 years ago." Soon icsudah that Israeli fighter jets destroyed bridges, buildings, communication towers and all the infrastructure that they suspected a Hezbollah military base. Deployed some 400 Merkava again, this time with a variant of the Mk 3B LIC which had been designed iintuk urban warfare.
At first tank Iwak confidence is very high, considering the Merkava has been proven successful in Lebanon in 1982 and 1996. But what Incur, turns 50 Merkava successfully destroyed by Hezbollah fighters, while casualties fell by 30 people died, including two battalion commanders while 100 others were injured.
After extensive investigation, obtained external and internal factors cause the failure of Merkava. First, Hezbollah fighters supplied Metis-M missiles. and Kornet by Iran. Last generation antitank missiles are very powerful Russian-made armor penetrating, so many are the victims of malignancy Merkava Metis-M. While the second factor is seen from the internal side.
Budget cuts lead tank crew training time is reduced. As a result, many crew members who do not have enough flight hours to control Merkava effectively. Even worse, the tank crew were surprised because they had to go to Lebanon without any smoke discharger unit installed on their Merkava. Tightening budgets caused no funds to buy smoke discharger or smoke shells to Soltam 60mm mortar.
Without the smoke dis ¬ charger, Merkava can not mengamuflasekan themselves smokescreen. Whereas in urban terrain Lebanon Merkava more often in a static position for patrolling, making a checkpoint and determine direction. The combination of these two factors that cause gait Merkava Shining in place should be able to repeat their victory sweeter.

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