Friday, November 16, 2012

Syria condemns 'Cruel Actions' of Israel in Gaza

Damascus (AFP / Reuters) - Syria condemned the "atrocities" of Israel in the Gaza Strip, where a series of air strikes on Wednesday killed a Hamas military chief and at least six other Palestinians, calling for action from the international community.

"The Syrian government condemned the heinous atrocities committed by the Israeli army against the Palestinian Arab people in Gaza," he said in a statement carried by the official SANA news agency.

Britain's Foreign Minister Supports Israel attacks on Gaza

British Foreign Secretary William Hague blamed the Palestinian resistance movement, Hamas, to the escalating violence in the region, despite the presence of an Israeli attack incessantly in the Gaza Strip.

Recent Israeli attacks on Gaza

TEMPO.CO, Tel Aviv - Israel Air Force launched its latest attack on several targets in the Gaza Strip, a day after a group of armed Palestinians in the occupied states are willing to call a truce.

Rocket from Gaza kills three Israelis

Rocket attacks from Gaza hit the town Kiyrat Malachi.

Three people were killed in rocket attacks from Gaza hit southern Israel in the midst of a growing clash.

Gaza Crisis: Israel ready reserve army

Israel began moving tanks and other armored vehicles into Gaza.

Israeli Defense Minister Ehud Barak has called up 30,000 troops to prepare, amid speculation of possible ground offensive in Gaza.
This announcement came out after a rocket fired by Palestinian militants from Gaza to Tel Aviv.

The fighting has increased since Israel killed Ahmed Jabari, Hamas military leaders who control Gaza, Wednesday (14/11).

new attacks, it is Israel's latest attacks on Gaza

Palestinians evacuate a wounded man after Israeli air strikes in the Gaza Strip on Thursday (15/11). The number of Palestinian casualties reached 13 people and three people from the Israeli side, so the threat of all-out attack

REPUBLIKA.CO.ID, MOSCOW - Russia condemned the new wave of Israeli attacks on the Gaza Strip. Permanent members of the UN Security Council's judgment, the aggression of the Zionist regime against the Palestinian people is totally unacceptable.

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Syrian accusations Turkey, the U.S. and France Supports Terrorism

Damascus (AFP)

Syria's Foreign Ministry has accused Turkey played a major role in supporting terrorism in Syria, adding that the United States and France have also explicitly announced their support for armed rebel groups.

Mysterious figure in the Syrian War, Angel?

Chechen Mujahideen Kavkaz Media Center launched a tidbit about a video clip depicting a figure dressed in white from Syria.

This video shows the atmosphere of war in Syria that recently occurred. When shooting rampage attacking the crowd, one hit by bullets and lying

Syria Info: Plan Formation "Killer Force" to deal with the Syrian Revolution

An independent website Syria said that a senior Syrian regime stragegi field experts, the plan leaked Syrian regime against Syria's Liberation Army, the ban on peaceful demonstrations and the formation of "death squads".

  Site "Zaman Al Washl" explaining that getting a reliable source of leaked information from a Syrian officer who spoke on the sidelines of

Syria Info: Plan Formation "Killer Force" to deal with the Syrian Revolution

Both villages are located 20km from the city of Hama, according to activists, showered bombs by government forces using tanks throughout Wednesday (6/6) evening local time.

But most of the killings in alleged Qubair Shabiha, pro-government militias who came from the neighboring village government supporters.

Japanese Buy Island Dispute, China Post Two Patrol Boats

REPUBLIKA.CO.ID, TOKYO - Japan brushed off Chinese warnings about a disputed island. The country even bought the islands from a Japanese family who has had it since the early 1970s.

Responding to it, China sent two patrol boats to the waters around the islands for menegaskankembali claim. He accused Japan's 'playing with fire' over the long-simmering dispute between the two.

japan and china new relationship

BEIJING, - China published a white paper on the Diaoyu Islands, which are disputed with Japan and the resulting relationship between the two countries warmed up in recent times.China's State Council Information Office in the white book, which was launched on Tuesday (09/25/2012), confirmed that the group of islands in the East China Sea is an integral part of the sovereign territory of china.

relationship of japan-china heats up, Senkaku: The relationship Japan and China back heat island due to a dispute. Japan announced on Tuesday (11/9), plan to buy a group of disputed islands in the South China Sea. But China rejected Japan's decision. Having investigated the ownership, three small islands that have been the feud between the two countries is privately owned by Japanese citizens.

Dispute Islands China-Japan, Taiwan Follow dragged

 Puluhan perahu nelayan ke Pulau Sengketa Kepulauan China-Jepang Taiwan yang juga klaim mereka.
Headline - feud disputed island in the East China Sea between China and Japan increasingly heated. In addition to both of them, now Taiwan began to openly participate claiming the disputed islands.
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