Sunday, November 11, 2012

Dispute Islands China-Japan, Taiwan Follow dragged

 Puluhan perahu nelayan ke Pulau Sengketa Kepulauan China-Jepang Taiwan yang juga klaim mereka.
Headline - feud disputed island in the East China Sea between China and Japan increasingly heated. In addition to both of them, now Taiwan began to openly participate claiming the disputed islands.

Reported Japan Times, Monday, September 24, 2012, dozens of Taiwan reported fishing fleet set sail for the island of Japan and controlled disputes China's claims. By Taiwan, the island was called Tiaoyutai, called Diaoyu by China, while the so-called Senkaku by Japan.

It is estimated about 78 boats fishing departing from the port of Suao in Ilan County and predictable until the waters near the island on Tuesday. It does not say whether they will be docked at the island, which obviously they would be in a radius of 22km from the Tiaoyutai waters.

They said that the purpose of the action was to demonstrate Taiwan's claim over the islands which lie 200km from Taipei that. "Tiaoyutai centuries ago has become our fishing area. We would risk his life to protect it or we will embarrass our ancestors," said Chen Chung-zinc, Suao Fishermen's Association president.

Earlier on Monday, more than 1,000 people in Taiwan staged a demonstration in front of the de-facto embassy in Taipei Japanese. They demanded repayment Tiaoyutai islands by the Japanese. In addition, they also called for a boycott of Japanese products.

Similar protests launched in various parts of China. Mass rioting burned Japanese flags and damaged Japanese branded cars. Clashes between police and protesters was inevitable.

The new round of hostilities associated islands emerged after an official at Japan expressed its intention to buy the Senkaku islands. The Chinese government protested and sends patrol ship to location. Although it has not happened yet serious gunfire, but the conflict between the two countries in the world's largest economy is feared to spread to the global financial sector. (ren)

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