Sunday, November 11, 2012

Mysterious figure in the Syrian War, Angel?

Chechen Mujahideen Kavkaz Media Center launched a tidbit about a video clip depicting a figure dressed in white from Syria.

This video shows the atmosphere of war in Syria that recently occurred. When shooting rampage attacking the crowd, one hit by bullets and lying

in the middle of the road. People can only look, not daring to come out of hiding because the roads are in a coveted Alawites, a minority sect supporters of the ruling Baath Party regime in Syria....
People were screaming, panicking, and scatters. They do not know how to help the wounded. At that moment, a man dressed in white appears in the background of the video. He behaves quiet, relaxing walk and not panic like the others.

Without his pace, the man dressed in white slowly approached the victim who was lying and picked it up with ease, while weighing less than 80 kg victims.

With one hand he carried the wounded into the crowd. Then the man disappeared from the video.

As reported by the Kavkaz Center, a witness in the incident saying that an unidentified man appeared suddenly. The man was wearing a white robe and without the slightest expression even at war, dirt, dust, incessant attacks and destruction. 

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