Sunday, November 11, 2012

Syria Info: Plan Formation "Killer Force" to deal with the Syrian Revolution

Both villages are located 20km from the city of Hama, according to activists, showered bombs by government forces using tanks throughout Wednesday (6/6) evening local time.

But most of the killings in alleged Qubair Shabiha, pro-government militias who came from the neighboring village government supporters.

This militia members shot the victim at close range and stabbing some victims, including women and children under two years old.

The militia then put the body into a number of houses were set on fire. Shabiha also takes away some people.

"They executed almost everyone in the village. Few can escape. Majority were slaughtered with a knife with a very bad way," said one activist in Hama told the BBC.

"The people who survived could not rescue the wounded because they are very poor. They are Bedouins who do not have health facilities," he added.

"A small number of people who managed to escape are those who can tell the world that terrible crime," said the activist.

Another activist Musab al-Hammadi told the BBC that Assad is government is playing his last card.

"Assad's regime is playing his last card by attacking the country," said al-Hammadi.
Syrian accusations 'terrorists'

Pengamat PBBUN observer forces sued for not doing a lot of things in Syria.

As usual, the Syrian government has denied the massacre was carried troops or pro-government militias. Assad's regime was again accused 'terrorist group' this being the mastermind behind the massacre.

Meanwhile, Syrian state television quoted an official source said security forces respond to requests residents have launched attacks on terrorist bases in Qubair.

The Syrian government says security forces found the body perempun and children in a bound state in the village.

The government says they were executed around 10:00 am when an armed terrorist groups still dominate the village.

In a statement on state television, as quoted by AFP, the Syrian government says terrorists commit horrible crimes.

"Reports of mass media also contributed to the bloodshed in Syria," the statement added.

From Beirut, Lebanon BBC's Jim Muir reports to date there are no independent sources or recorded video can be sure this latest incident.

Muir added a massacre Houla news unfold in a similar manner. Originally humanitarian activists who preach and later confirmed UN observers in the field.

Currently there are 297 members of unarmed military observers in Syria to ensure a ceasefire plan proposed by UN envoy Kofi Annan-Arab League could be implemented.

With this condition, orgasisasi observer-based Syrian Human Rights urged the UK inquiry into the news this should be done immediately.

"The United Nations can not wait for the next day to investigate the news of this new massacre," the organization said in a statement.

"The United Nations can not hide behind the excuse just to monitor the ceasefire, because many massacres in Syria that it happened while they were there," the organization added.

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