Sunday, November 11, 2012

Syrian accusations Turkey, the U.S. and France Supports Terrorism

Damascus (AFP)

Syria's Foreign Ministry has accused Turkey played a major role in supporting terrorism in Syria, adding that the United States and France have also explicitly announced their support for armed rebel groups.

"They are all committed crimes against the Syrian people," a statement from the Syrian Ministry of Foreign Affairs in a letter sent to the UN, Thursday (2/8).

The ministry said that the Turkish government is providing support to armed fighters in Syria to open up its borders and airports to the terrorists of Al Qaeda and other groups to join the fight in Syria.

Foreign Ministry also criticized the United States and France, and said the two countries had announced to directly finance armed groups in Syria and to equip them with the means of communication to continue their criminal acts.

Ministry statement was made at the time when the country is witnessing increasing military combat between armed rebels and government forces in major cities such as Damascus and Aleppo economic center.

Recent reports have revealed the presence of Al-Qaeda fighters and other such groups to join forces in the battle against the Syrian government.

Hardline elements have embezzled a political solution to the crisis outlook Syria, especially after Kofi Annan resigned Thursday from his position as an international special envoy to Syria, which is apparently due to the faltering effort to end the violence during the 17 months in the Arab countries. (Ant)

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