Saturday, April 13, 2013

Anonymous Attacking North Korea

Hactivist group Anonymous has attacked North Korea, hacking into their Twitter and Flickr accounts state official on Wednesday's they Reportedly sent tweets mocking the country's leader, Kim Jong-un, and using Flickr accounts to portray him in a light that is not fun.It Appears that North Korea has been re-mastered from the hacked social media channels.Anonymous Announced its ownership of the events in Pastebin.

It cited North Korea increased threats to peace and freedom as an excuse to attack, demanding that North Korea stop making nuclear and nuke-threat, that Kim Jong-un resigned, that the government install a free direct democracy in North Korea, and that it provides a uncensored internet access to all citizens.He also offers advice appropriate to Kim Jong-un: namely, that he is investigating various penis enlargement products on the market because "if his d * ck is not so small he would not feel the need to make large nuclear and threatens half the world with them. "Such an insult to the leader of a country known for its world status paranoia above may not be dismissed. Kim Jong-un - a man in his 20s with a Western education - are no doubt aware of how easily such comments can go viral.Zoho CRM 
Serious thoughts

In short, this may not end well for other countries or people who are responsible for the security of the North Korean accounts.
"When I first heard about it, the fate of those who are responsible for maintaining the site is the first thing I think about," said Robert Siciliano, CEO of TechNewsWorld. In the West, the government employees who are responsible can be moved or fired. In North Korea, they could face the death penalty.
It seems - based on descriptions Anonymous' about what it is - that this is a pretty complete offense. The group claims it is in the local intranet (Kwangmyong and others) and on the mail server and Web server.
It published some of data as proof of the claim, describing it as a record of "random innocent people, collateral damage, Because they are stupid enough to choose passwords stupid." Stepping Up Security
Without a doubt, North Korea will tighten security, Siciliano said, but it would only be the beginning. This country has a history of aggressive saber-rattling - as evidenced by the current nuclear threat - and it can be safely assumed that aggression also applies to cyberspace.
If North Korea is not in to cyberspying, cyberwarfare and cyberespionage yet, it will definitely speed up its Efforts.
"When you are as arrogant and unpredictable a country like North Korea, the hit is given," says Siciliano. "But to Whom? That is the question."

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