Saturday, April 13, 2013

iranian open the new facility nuclear

REPUBLIKA.CO.ID, TEHRAN - Iran to open new uranium production facility on Tuesday (9/4) at the center of global sanctions over its nuclear program. The facility began operations at two mine sites.

Mining in the City Saghand in central Iran operates 350 meters underground and 120 kilometers in the city of Ardakan, Yazd province. Reports provide little details Ardakan facility. However, it can produce 60 tons of uranium.

Iran is adding facilities for peaceful energy program of international concern, especially in Western countries and Israel. They worry that Iran will produce an atomic bomb.

"In the past, we rely on others for the supply of uranium, but the gift of God, a uranium mine opened one by one," said the president of Iran, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad al-Arabiya reported.

Iran's nuclear program is growing Rapidly. Iran enrich uranium to 3.5 percent and 20 percent in Natanz and Fordo enrichment facilities. Purification urianium high levels can be used for nuclear weapons. The discovery of uranium mines in Saghand Announced last decade. However, experts believe the mine at Coal contains mineral deposits that bad.

Reporter: Nur Aini Editor: Djibril Muhammad

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