Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Kim Jong-un: Korean War is Ready

Skalanews - North Korea denounced neighbors to the south and U.S. allies who called military training in the area.

Korean leader Kim Jong-un military warned that his country ready to fight it out if his country is attacked.

In his speech, Kim strongly criticized South Korean military exercises and the United States that ended last Friday.

He said that large-scale training targeting North Korea and is a big threat for the safety of his country.

Kim's statement that the South Korean government announced television when he spoke at a banquet event on Saturday to mark 52 years of military-centric policy stance that proclaimed his father Kim Jong Il. The event was also attended by Ri Ju Sol, wife Jong Un.

Kim added, if there is only one bullet fired into North Korean territory, then all military nation would do an all-out counterattack. It is also said to have examined an operational plan and sign it.

This is the third time the North Koreans Kim mendenggar voice, after earlier in April and June.

 Analysts consider the speech as an effort to strengthen the unity of the military and show leadership on and off states. (NUG)

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