Wednesday, April 10, 2013

U.S send warship to south korea

Korea, POL

A sophisticated radar was installed by the United States off the coast of Japan, which is capable of tracking missiles North Korea. In addition, the U.S. also sent two destroyers to the waters of South Korea.

Sea-Based X-Band Radar kinds Radar (SBX), designed to track ballistic missiles and send data to a separate command then sends missile interceptors.

George Little, a Pentagon spokesman, SBX radar system deployment has been planned and is not associated warming of the situation on the Korean Peninsula.

"Installation of SBX is a scheduled trial. Decision for further deployment of the radar is not yet decided," said Little.

United States sure has sent anti-missile destroyer USS John McCain to Korean waters. This is the second destroyer sent to Korean waters after the U.S. also sent the USS Fitzgerald.

A few days later, the number of devices the most advanced U.S. fighter had been sent to South Korea. In addition to two destroyers, a stealth fighter F-22 Raptor is also sent to South Korea.

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