Sunday, September 29, 2013

Earthquake in Pakistan 6.8 SR , 15 People Killed

Islamabad - An earthquake measuring 6.8 magnitude rocked Pakistan yesterday. As a result of this second earthquake, 15 people were killed.

Reported by Sky News, Sunday (09/29/2013), an earthquake measuring 6.8 magnitude shook the region of Balochistan in southwest Pakistan on Saturday (28/9) morning. Thousands of people running panicked into the streets.

Residents are still undergoing recovery for injuries caused masq first earthquake measuring 7.8 magnitude on Tuesday (24/9) and increased panic. The earthquake killed 359 people in the district Awaran, and hundreds of thousands homeless. They destroyed hundreds of homes.

Local ministry said point being the epicenter 90 miles west of the city Khudzar, the closest distance from the epicenter.

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