Sunday, September 29, 2013

Earthquake in Pakistan make a Small Island

On Tuesday, 24 September 2013, there was a 7.7 magnitude earthquake in Pakistan. Country is still plagued by issues of terrorism (a few weeks ago a bomb exploded again), got a trial disaster that killed hundreds of people and eventually led to a small island in the sea Arabia. We Pray that the situation there returns to normal.

Pakistan is the third country after Indonesia and Germany , which is our concern . That's where my husband earn a fortune . Country which was inhabited by Muslims .

So when there is news because flicked , it must always be anxious . This greatly affects our lives .

While Pakistan is a country that is not only plagued by the issue of terrorism , small disputes in the border states , the threat of a boycott by the United States their industry because of child labor , to the disturbance of natural disasters like the earthquake just happened . Pakistan earthquake record is almost similar to that in the homeland :

In 2003 , in the city of Bam earthquake claimed more than 25,000 lives

At least 70,000 people died in the earthquake that occurred in 2005 .

Great flood resulted in 2000 people died in 2010 , in addition to an earthquake that shook the country .

Earthquake in April 2013 and the next , 24 September 2013 just in Baluchistan , causing more than 300 people died , hundreds were injured and 1700 people had to be in tent camps , threatened with loss of their permanent residence .

Baluchistan itself is owned by Pakistan in the area of ​​Iran - Pakistan border area , which is very broad , but still a poor and backward region . Many conflicts are going on here . Plus from the earthquake , it is menggenaskan .

Assistance in the form of food , medicine , clean water and blankets have been lowered even though the area is very remote . Pedonor parties and the help of course from within and outside the country , such as the Australian Red Cross .

As a result of the earthquake , appear small island

In a video that aired in the news a German TV channel , after the quake subsided , people began circling the damaged areas . Some of them even have a walk on a little island in the sea appears Arabia . Despite the difficult conditions and exhaustion , the community remains interested in observing the natural events that they normally do not see it .

According to Ali Rashid Tabriz , head of the national oceanographic agencies of Pakistan , " the phenomenon of the emergence of a small island in the sea Arabia after the earthquake in Baluchistan region , is a natural phenomenon that is due to emissions of methane gas from the seabed . He added that these events are common on Earth . The proof in 1955 , 1999 and 2010 were then already existing similar sighting but eventually disappeared . Though not gone , they will not last long . "

Every day there are earthquakes

I just know that every day ( at least this week ) earthquake from all over the world . Even one day can be used many times in different places . Perhaps because of the small scale ( less than seven / 7 ) , news dbesar not exaggerate . For example, today , Thursday, September 26, 2013 8:38 pm earthquake occurred in Nicaragua , at 7:57 at 112km from the WSW ( Puerto Madero , Mexico ) . 6:02 pm in San Juan , Argentina . At 3:42 in Peru . At 0:21 in the southwestern islands of Indonesia and many more .

Similarly, on September 25 earthquake struck Chile yesterday , Papuanugini , Peru , Iran , China , Afghanistan , Nicaragua and Alaska .

What to do when there is an earthquake?

Departing from the earthquake in Pakistan , reminds me of what action should be done when there is an earthquake.

I never experienced an earthquake seven times in a day in a 7-story office in Chiyoda ku , Tokyo , Japan . When the Japanese comrades calm , I was panicked , using the fire escape to get out of the building .

Grinning in the street in front of the office , none there . I went back up to the office of partners, as yet there is no way I save myself . I was embarrassed , scared , worried . Apparently, those who already inhabit the 10 years of office buildings , this unusual , yet powerful shaking . Aduuuh kecelek , fooled ... even though the building was rocking dangdut ! Wait until 7-8 SR kah ?

Yet according to the meteorological and geophysics agency homeland , there are suggestions in the event of an earthquake. Namely , run or get out of the building in an orderly manner ( do not use the elevator or escalator but the stairs / ladder emergency ) , avoid tall buildings or trees / poles , shelter under a table / under the mattress / bunker / basement or other safe place , out of the car and broke away from the ground .

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