Sunday, September 29, 2013

President of Iran thrown a shoe because telephone with obama

TRIBUNNEWS.COM , TEHRAN - Iranians apparently did not appreciate the historic talks between Iranian President Hassan Rohani and U.S. President Barack Obama , for 15 minutes over the phone line .
In fact , a number of Iranian media praised the first direct contact leaders of Iran and the United States for three decades as the end of a taboo .

Etemad daily load even in a front-page photo montage featuring Spiritual and Obama side by side .
" Historic contacts on the way home , " according to Etemad headlines .
However, the 15 -minute conversation with the leader of the country that had been dubbed " The Great Satan " is not much fun for the hardliners .
About 60 people gathered outside the airport , when the group left Spiritual President Mehrabad airport , Tehran , on his return from the United States .
They shouted slogans mentioned long as " Death to America " and " Death to Israel " while President Spiritual passing car entourage .
Not far from the opponents about 200 other people gathered and chanted support for the Soul . The second group of protesters is bounded by the police forces .
And , when the roof is open and the President of Spiritual car appeared , a shoe flew towards the Spiritual . Luckily, the shoes miss the mark .
Spiritual himself just say , it was a phone call from President Barack Obama's initiative .
" We 're headed for the airport , when I was told that the White House called on the Iranian Ambassador to the UN , " said Rohani .
"President Obama told me want to speak with  me for a few minutes , " he added .
Since the 1979 Islamic Revolution in Iran , the United States and Iran do not have diplomatic relations . Tertutama after Iranian students seized the U.S. embassy in Tehran as part of the revolution .

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